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White honey with propolis

It has the following useful features:

* Treatment of hypertrophy and prostatitis.

* Works to kill prostate cancer and eliminate it once and for all.

* Contains elements that eliminate types of cancer.

* Propolis works to liquefy the blood.

* Which leads to reducing women’s exposure to abortion.

* Provides the baby or fetus with a lot of nutrients and vitamins. * Provides her body as a whole with the necessary minerals.

* Gives the pregnant body useful natural sugar.

* Enhances a man’s ability to perform a sexual role with a woman.

* Increases sperm count.

Solution & Results

  • * Increases sexual arousal in both spouses.
  • * Protects against prostate, as we have already talked about.
  • * Addresses the problem of sexual weakness.
  • * Works to increase the erection of the penis.
  • * Solve cohabitation problems between couples and improve ability.
  • * The benefits of propolis strengthen the immune system.
  • * Provides hair with shine, elegance and attractiveness.
  • * Strengthens hair extensions and promotes rapid growth.
  • * Lightens the face and gets rid of acne and pimple problems. * Strengthens hair and intensifies it.
  • * Solving the problem of lightness and hair loss.


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